How to Get your Profile Links Indexed

Friday, April 2, 2010 9:55 PM Posted by Seb

The most common method!

To get your profile links index you need to make a list of your profile links and follow these steps:
  • Make feed / RSS for your profile page.
  • Make post / page at your site with feed / RSS links inside
  • Submit your feed / RSS to RSS aggregators.
  • Ping your feed / RSS.
  • And bookmark’s your feed / RSS link with site bookmarking service.
To make feed / RSS you can use IceRocket Free RSS Builder. Sing up and create RSS Channel. AT that channel click “Add Entry” or “Add Item” create post /entry, Insert your entry title and entry summary, in “Entry Link” form insert your profile page link that you want to indexed as backlink, one entry for one profile page until all of your link list already inserted. Now, click XML to see your feed / RSS, and use it as all of your profile page feed. Example : my profile page feed.

Insert your feed link to your page / post, so when spider crawling your page / post they will index that feed and index profile page link in the feed. Like I’ am doing, I insert my profile page feed above at the example.

My Secret Method

As we all know that pages optimised on Google Hot Trends keywords are most likely to get indexed on search engine quickly. What I do is I use hottest trend keywords as my username on different forum and communities. I repeat those keywords in various section on profile. It works best with Vbulletin Forum Profiles which allow "Visitor Messages" with BBCode. Once you make any profile you can make a comment optimised on Google Hot trend keywords and bookmark it having "Hot Trend Keyword" in title of Bookmark. This will quickly index your profile.

A Little but useful tip
I have noticed that profiles with static links and having a bit of content are most likely to be indexed by Google quickly as compare to dynamic links with little to no content at all.

Example of Static Link Structure

Example of Dynamic Link Structure

In the next post I will be revealing my little SECRET Query to find out Forums that have static profile link structure with the option of visitor message :-) Your comments are appreciated!

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